Business Conduct Policy

Fast Printing believes that honesty, integrity and fair play are important corporate values. This Code sets out the basic standard of conduct expected of all staff members and our policy on acceptance of advantage and conflict of interest in connection with one’s official duties.

Fast Printing is fully comply with the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance Fast Printing had stated clearly to our staff members from the first day of

employment that they must comply with our policies (listed below), any violation may commits an offense


Acceptance of Advantages

It is our policy that staff members, in their private capacity, should not solicit or accept any advantage from any persons or companies having business dealings with us (e.g. service recipients, suppliers, contractors), except that they may accept, but not solicit, the following advantages when offered on a voluntary basis:

  1. advertising or promotional gifts or souvenirs of a nominal value;

  2. gifts given on festive or special occasions subject to a maximum limit of $300.00 in value; or

  3. discounts or other special offers from any person or company, on terms and conditions applicable to other customers;

  4. gifts or souvenirs presented to the staff member acting on behalf of Fast Printing in official functions.


No staff member should, in his/her private capacity, accept any advantage from a subordinate, except those mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b) above.


Gifts or souvenirs in (d) above are deemed as offered to Fast Printing and should only be retained by the staff member with permission. The recipient should report the acceptance to and seek direction on its disposal from the approving authority.


A staff member should decline an offer of advantage if the acceptance could affect his/her objectivity in conducting Fast Printing’s business or induce him/her to act against its interest, or where he/she believes the offer or has such an intention, or acceptance will likely lead to perception or allegation of impropriety.

Offer of Advantage

Staff members are prohibited from offering advantages to any staff member of any


company or organisation, for the purpose of influencing such person or company in any dealings, or any public official, whether directly or indirectly through a third party, when conducting the business of the Organisation.



As defined in the Section 2 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, “entertainment” refers to food or drink provided for immediate consumption on the occasion, and any other entertainment provided at the same time. Although entertainment is an acceptable form of business and social behaviour, a staff member should avoid accepting lavish or frequent entertainment from persons with whom Fast Printing has business dealings (e.g. service recipients, suppliers or contractors) or from his/her subordinates to avoid placing themselves in a position of obligation to the offeror.


Records, Accounts and Other Documents

Staff members should ensure, to the best of their knowledge, that any record, receipt, account or other document they submit to Fast Printing gives a true representation of the events or transactions reported in the document. Intentional use of documents containing false information to deceive or mislead Fast Printing, regardless of whether the staff member may obtain any gain or advantage, may constitute an offence under the Ordinance.


Compliance with Local Laws in Other Jurisdictions

Staff members must comply with all local laws and regulations when conducting Fast Printing’s business, and also those in other jurisdictions, when conducting business there.

Outside Employment

15. If a full-time staff member wishes to take up concurrent employment, either

on a regular or consulting basis, they must seek the prior written approval of (post of a nominated officer). The approving authority should take into consideration whether the employment would pose a conflict of interest with the staff member’s duties in Fast Printing.


Relationship with Suppliers, Contractors and Service Recipients Gambling

Staff members are advised not to engage in frequent gambling of any kind, including


games of mahjong, with persons having business dealings with Fast Printing. In social games of chance with service recipients, suppliers or business associates, they must exercise judgment and withdraw from any high stake games.



Staff members should not accept a loan from, or through the assistance of, any person or organisation having business dealings with Fast Printing. There is, however, no restriction on borrowing from a licensed bank or financial institution.


Compliance with the Code

It is the responsibility of every staff member of Fast Printing to understand and comply with this Code, whether performing the duties of Fast Printing in or outside Hong Kong.


Any staff member in breach of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of appointment. In case of suspected corruption or criminal offences, a report will be made to the ICAC or the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

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