Environmental Policy

Fast Printing understand that we have our obligation to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility. Environmental Protection issue is one of the major criteria


Besides compliance with the legislation, we have implemented policies in TWO portions: 1) Internal and 2) External


  1. Internal

    1. all our staff are trained to aware of the importance of the environmental protection, we place posters and stickers on saving of electricity and water around the factory, encourage staff to turn off all unused office equipment, lighting, printing machine etc., we always keep our room temperature at above 25.5°C, checking our consumption bills periodically and any saving, if any, will be utilized to reward our staff at year end

    2. we provide recycle bins for handling waste paper, plastic and metal for general wastage

    3. we appointed authorised recycle paper and metal collector(s) and chemical waste collector(s) to handle our production wastage

    4. we continually upgrade our equipment (hardware and software). After screening, we selected Fuji Xerox as our supplier for providing photo copying machine(s) and digital printing machine(s) as their parts are over 90% recycled

    5. we invested in our unique On Demand Print System to let our staffs handling daily ordering and proof reading which in terms to use less paper

    6. we select environmental friendly material to use internally like FSC paper use for photo copying and digital printing

    7. we are using Soya ink for printing

    8. Recycle packaging is used internally

  2. External

    1. we keep on sourcing and providing environmental friendly material like ECF/FSC/Recycled paper to all our clients

    2. we invested in our unique On Demand Print System to let our clients handling daily ordering and proof reading which assist them to use less paper

    3. Environmental consciousness is taking into account in selection of our supply chain network like Fuji Xerox

    4. donation of unused products to China, we started the donation of all our

unused/semi-finished products e.g. diaries, memo pads etc. in 2008, over the past few years, we donated over 2,000kg of our unused/semi-finished products to China through this factory

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