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Environmental Policy

In compliance with the Legislation, Fast Printing has implemented related requirements on both Internal and External sectors.


A)    Internal

1. All staff members are trained and aware of the importance in environmental care to its utmost, coupled with  

- Alert signs on power and water saving are in place by posters and stickers 

- Office equipment and appliances should turn off when unused

- Room temperatures kept constantly above 25.5°C

- Consumption bills are periodically checked that any savings will be granted as rewards to staff members at     the yearend. 

- Recycle bins for handling wasted papers and plastics apart for general garbage.

- Authorized collector(s) on recycle paper and metal are appointed to handle wastage during production

2. Equipment (both hardware and software) are continually upgraded to reduce wastage at its minimum. We             cautiously select Fuji Xerox photocopying and digital printing machines in view over 90% are of recycled parts

3. Using environmental-friendly FSC papers, Soya printing inks and recycle packaging internally


B)    External

1. Keep sourcing and providing environmental-friendly materials such as quality ECF/FSC/Recycled papers for our       clients

2. Investment in the unique ‘On Demand Print System’ to lower paper usage in daily orderings and proof readings

3. Environment consciousness applied when selecting our suppliers, partners and/or subcontractors

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