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Procurement Policy 

We set Supplier Code of Conduct which outlines Fast Printing’s fundamental expectations of its suppliers regarding their environmental concerns, labor safety, productions vs quality, cost, and delivery of goods and services supplied directly to Fast Printing. 


The Supplier Code of Conduct will in turn support Fast Printing values, our expectations and strategy fulfilment, as well as reaching internationally recognized standards and appropriate codes of practice.


By accepting and abiding by this Supplier Code of Conduct, suppliers affirm that they are committed to work and aligned with Fast Printing values and strategies. It is the supplier’s responsibility to achieve and maintain the minimum standards outlined in the Supplier Code of Conduct, and train employees and contracted parties on their consequential rights and accountabilities.


Employ appropriate methods for assessing the performance of our key strategic suppliers and those engaged in higher risk activities and monitoring their progress overtime.


We define and apply appropriate sourcing methods in our procurement of goods and services, ensuring all capable suppliers have an equal access to opportunities to work with us


We set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are related to each commitment within this Policy with a report, every selected supplier/partner/sub-contractor or related counterpart will be studied via reports and in the Fast Printing Management meetings. Significant Suppliers will be generated.

“Significant Suppliers” means organizations that are generally under contract and constitute a significant portion of total operating spend, that are difficult to replace without significant effort, as they are relied upon to provide essential goods and/or services to Fast Printing, and organizations that pose the highest level of social, environmental or economic risk.


Fast Printing will continue to evaluate suppliers on capability and commercial acumen, while taking into consideration compliance to the Supplier Code of Conduct and KPI reports to Significant Suppliers where relevant.

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