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Supplier Policy

1.0 Background and Context

At Fast Printing we are committed to being a sustainable business and wish to be an overall positive contributor to our communities, people and the environment. We recognise that our performance depends on that of our suppliers and we aim to work in partnership with them in delivering shareholder value and in working towards our vision to create and sustain environments that enrich people’s lives.

Our suppliers include all organisations from which Fast Printing sources goods and services in the development and operation of our assets and in our corporate business activities.


We aim to build long-term collaborative partnerships with organisations that share our values and that are willing and capable of helping us achieve our aspirations. We expect our suppliers to share our commitment to sustainability and to be able to demonstrate how they fulfill this commitment, consistent with our policies.

We recognise that this involves us taking a broader view of value, valuing the social and environmental outcomes our suppliers are able to offer as well as the commercial outcomes. It also requires us to look at the value that will be delivered over the course of a supplier relationship. We believe that this approach results in mutual benefit, inspires innovation and will enable us to make best use of our suppliers’ knowledge and expertise.

We engage our suppliers by using a variety of different sourcing strategies and recognise that we need to find the balance between having a consistent approach across our supply chain and retaining flexibility that supports creative solutions. Therefore, whilst our goal is the same, our approach to engaging and managing our suppliers may vary.


2.0 General Policy


Fast Printing is committed to working in partnership with our suppliers to realise the full value of our relationships and to positively contribute to our communities, people and the environment.


This includes aiming to:


Proactively engage with our suppliers with a focus on building trusting, co-operative and long-term relationships;

Apply good governance to provide oversight and means through which the objectives of the process are monitored, audited and integrity is maintained;

Define and apply appropriate sourcing methods in our procurement of goods and services, ensuring all capable suppliers have an equal access to opportunities to work with us;

Deal with suppliers in good faith, ethically and responsibly, and make payments in accordance with agreed terms;

When all other vetting requirements remain equal, give preference to suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to sustainably manage their business performance, with values complementary to our own;

Set clear expectations for our suppliers regarding their sustainability performance and embed its minimum requirements within supplier contracts;

Employ appropriate methods for assessing the performance of our key strategic suppliers and those engaged in higher risk activities and monitoring their progress over time;

Encourage our key suppliers to make available high value, environmentally and socially responsible products and services as well as to improve the sustainability performance of their businesses; and

Actively engage with key suppliers and provide data and other relevant information to enable innovation and the development of products that meet our aspirations.


3.0 Review

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relating to each commitment within this Policy will be developed and reported to meetings of Fast Printing Management. These KPIs will be reviewed periodically to ensure their continued relevance, as measures of suppliers’ sustainability performance mature and evolve.


The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines Fast Printing’s fundamental expectations of its suppliers regarding their activities in the production and delivery of goods and services supplied directly to Fast Printing. The Supplier Code of Conduct supports Fast Printing’s values, purpose and strategy, as well as internationally recognised standards and appropriate codes of practice.  By accepting  and abiding by this Supplier Code of Conduct, suppliers affirm that they are committed to working with Fast Printing and are aligned to its values, purpose and strategy. It is the supplier’s responsibility to achieve and maintain the minimum standards outlined in this Supplier Code of Conduct, and train employees and contracted parties on their consequential rights and responsibilities.

The Supplier Code of Conduct covers People, Environment, Community, Corporate Governance and Supply Chain.

Fast Printing will continue to evaluate suppliers on capability and commercial acumen, while taking into consideration compliance to the Supplier Code of Conduct where relevant.

This guideline applies to Significant Suppliers of goods and services to Fast Printing, whether local or international.

“Significant Suppliers” means organisations that are generally under contract and constitute a significant portion of total operating spend, that are difficult to replace without significant effort, as they are relied upon to provide essential goods and/or services to Fast Printing, and organisations that pose the highest level of social, environmental or economic risk.




3.1.1 Human Rights


Fast Printing is committed to creating and supporting a culture and work environment in which people have opportunities to do their best work. Suppliers must comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations with regard to employment practices, benefits, health and safety and anti-discrimination.

Suppliers will commit to provide a workplace free of any form of harassment.


Suppliers shall not use any form of forced, bonded, indentured or prison labour. All work must be voluntary and workers shall be free to leave work or terminate their employment with reasonable notice.


3.1.2 Diversity

Fast Printing is committed to encouraging diversity in the workplace and the provision of a work environment that is free from discrimination and promotes equal opportunity to all.

Suppliers are to promote an inclusive workplace where employee differences in areas like gender, age, culture, disability and lifestyle choice are valued.

Suppliers must strive to provide a workplace that is free of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment or bullying.


3.1.2 Learning & Development

Fast Printing is committed to supporting the career development of its employees through continuous learning, by providing opportunities to develop skills and experiences, assisting them to achieve their career goals. Suppliers must be committed to the provision of relevant training, learning and development opportunities for all employees.


3.1.3 Workplace Health and Safety


Fast Printing is committed to a zero harm approach in terms of the health and safety of our employees, contractors, tenants and visitors to our assets.

Suppliers must support and demonstrate their commitment to: prevent worker exposure to potential safety hazards comply with all relevant local and national laws and regulations with regard to occupational health and safety and the provision of health related benefits to employees have written safety and health policies and standards have a documented system to record and reduce work-related injury and illness.


3.2      Environment


Suppliers are to manage the minimisation of their environmental impact in the course of doing business, and to support and encourage others where it can meaningfully do so.

All required environmental permits and registrations are to be obtained, maintained and kept current.


3.2.1 Climate Change and Energy


Fast Printing aspires to identify and respond to climate change risks and opportunities in managing our property portfolio and work towards carbon neutrality in our operations, development and business activities.

Suppliers will commit to reduce their carbon emissions in areas within their control, and to imbed a preference for carbon neutral products and services in their purchasing process.


3.2.2 Waste & Resource Management

Fast Printing aspires to utilise resources optimally for maximum lifecycle and disposal of waste without environmental harm.



Suppliers will commit to maximising the reuse and recycling of materials while minimising waste volumes with an aim to minimising waste to landfill.



Suppliers will commit to utilise resources optimally for maximum lifecycle, and to only use what is needed.


3.2.3 Biodiversity


Fast Printing aspires to positively contribute to sustainable and resilient communities and ecosystems through the protection of biodiversity.

Wherever possible, Suppliers will make a positive contribution on biodiversity, in relation to the products and services they provide.


3.2.4 Water


Fast Printing aspires to employ best practice approaches to sustainable use and management of water resources.

Suppliers will commit to sustainable use and management of water resources in all areas that it has control over, and to support and encourage others where it can meaningfully do so.


3.3      Community


3.3.1 Community Engagement & Development


Fast Printing aims to make a net positive contribution to our communities, people and environment.

The supplier will commit to contribute to the local communities which the Supplier impacts, and support their sustainable development.


3.4 Corporate Governance, Business Conduct and Ethics


Fast Printing regards good corporate governance as being of critical importance to all of Fast Printing’s stakeholders and a fundamental component to Fast Printing’s commitment to securityholders. Fast Printing’s Management strives to ensure that Fast Printing meets high standards of governance across its operations.

Suppliers must strictly comply with all laws and regulations on bribery, corruption, and prohibited trade and business practices.

Suppliers must conduct their business in accordance with high ethical standards.

Suppliers must have effective and transparent allocation of responsibilities between Board and management, where an applicable management structure exists.

Suppliers must have effective processes in place to prevent or immediately disclose a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest related to its relationship with Fast Printing as soon as possible to Fast Printing.


3.5      Supply Chain

Fast Printing is committed to working in partnership with our suppliers to realise the full value of our relationships and to positively contribute to our stakeholder communities and the environment.


Suppliers must adopt similar principles to those outlined in this Supplier Code of Conduct in Dealing with their own Significant Suppliers.

Suppliers must adhere to acceptable business practices with their own suppliers, including providing timely payment.


The Policy will be regularly reviewed in light of legislation and organisational changes and developments in sustainability best practice, or at a minimum, every two years.

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