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Supplier Policy

Fast Printing aims to build long-term collaborative partnerships with organizations who realize and share our values and are willing and capable of helping us in achieving our aspirations. 


We are committed to working in partnership with suppliers who realize the full value of our relationships and to positively contribute to our communities, people, and the environment as our aspiration, to sustainability and to be able to demonstrate how they fulfill this commitment, in consistent with our policies.


We apply the Supplier Code of Conduct which covers people, environment, community, business ethics policy and supply chain are all our concerns, and 

outline suppliers to understand their environment, labor safety, productions vs quality, cost, and delivery of goods and services provided to Fast Printing, whether in local regions or international assigned destinations.


Suppliers will commit to reduce their carbon emissions in areas within their control, and to imbed a preference for carbon neutral products and services in their purchasing process.


Suppliers shall not use any form of forced, bonded, indentured or prison labors.

We deal with suppliers in good faith, ethically and responsibly, and make payments in accordance with agreed terms.


Suppliers must strive to provide a workplace that is free of direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, or bullying.


Set clear expectations for our suppliers regarding their sustainability performance and embed its minimum requirements within supplier contracts


Actively engage with key suppliers and provide data and other relevant information to enable innovation and the development of products that meet our aspirations.


Suppliers must adopt similar principles to those outlined in this Supplier Code of Conduct in dealing with their own Suppliers. 


Suppliers must adhere to acceptable business practices with their own suppliers, including providing timely payment.


Encourage our significant suppliers to make available high value, environmentally and socially responsible products and services as well as to improve the sustainability performance of their businesses.


Wherever possible, suppliers will make a positive contribution on biodiversity, in relation to the products and services they provide.


All required environmental permits and registrations are to be obtained, maintained, and kept current.


Suppliers must conduct their business in accordance with high ethical standards.

Suppliers must have effective and transparent allocation of responsibilities between Board and management, where an applicable management structure exists.


Suppliers must strictly comply with all laws and regulations on bribery, corruption, prohibited trade and business practices.


Suppliers must have effective processes in place to prevent or immediately disclose, or the appearance of a conflict of interest related to its relationship with Fast Printing as soon as possible.


We set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are related to each commitment within this Policy with a report, every selected supplier/partner/sub-contractor or related counterpart will be studied via reports and in the Fast Printing Management meetings. Significant Suppliers will be generated.

“Significant Suppliers” means organizations that are generally under contract and constitute a significant portion of total operating spend, that are difficult to replace without significant effort, as they are relied upon to provide essential goods and/or services to Fast Printing, and organizations that pose the highest level of social, environmental or economic risk.


These KPIs will be reviewed periodically to ensure their continued relevance, as measures of suppliers’ sustainability performance mature and evolvement.


Considering changes in legislation and organizational developments in sustainability best practice, this Policy will be regularly reviewed or at a minimum, every two years.

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