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Health & Safety Policy


Fast Printing understands employees are our assets in terms of company healthiness. We fully complied with the Labor Legislation of Hong Kong including Employment Ordinance, Employees’ Compensation Ordinance, Minimum Wage Ordinance and Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Ordinance, Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance, Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance.


We understand a safe workplace can improve efficiencies and performances. 

We are committed to a zero-harm approach in terms of health and safety of our staff members, contractors, tenants as well as visitors in our workplace.


Extra alerts via posters and stickers are posted in the workplace, reminding  staff member to work safely as well as for accident preventions, including careful in handling dangerous parts of machinery, and pay attention to personal hygiene etc.


In addition, employees with good performances are awarded with bonus each year.


We impose a “Work from home” policy since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic in beginning of 2020, ensuring employees safer to work at homes while dependents are at ease.

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